Monday, June 27, 2011

Apology for the betrayal...

I can scarcely look you in the eye
For the pain would torture me more than you know
And I cannot be more sorry for what I have done
But her love just dragged me out your door
She dazzled me at first sight and gave me a peek
At what life could be, away from you
I confess, I broke without even a purr
And for that I apologize, I most certainly do
But you must know we'd been ill for long
Every second seemed like a long year
You brought but the worst in me out
And made me almost forget what was dear
So, with a heavy heart I leave you now
With hope for a better tomorrow for you and me
Be it in another's arms, I shall still smile
And my first, you shall always be!

For the uninitiated, my new mistress resides at -
See you in my new life!

Friday, April 29, 2011

A few weeks to graduation...

So much has come and gone, a blur,
So much of it one shall hardly miss
Yet smile we shall at the ones we do
For they were moments of such silly bliss!
From walking into foreign land
And feeling right at home so soon
And living in a home that's pure mad
Exactly like you, was the ultimate boon!
In she walked all mighty and short,
With bossiness that alcohol did douse
And sweet affection for my silly whims
And all that yummy food we cooked to gorge!
The curse of the small continued to me follow
As the pint-size 'freakishly strong' I did meet
Boy! Do I curse that ill-fated foam party
That lead to many, no wait, all that I tweet
Then life caught up as others came by
But lost in work or at least trying to be, was I
So I'll spare you details of the mad men as they be
And even of the new fantastic sights I got to see
Instead I'll speak of what is to come
Of me and life, what is to become
I might part ways with this charmed life as it be
But new joys beckon, ones I can't wait to see
Although it has been a joyride with bumps on the way
Let's move on with life Charlie, is what I'd say!
And the happy times shall stay with me for evermore
For I take them to the kids, like good old lore!