Monday, June 27, 2011

Apology for the betrayal...

I can scarcely look you in the eye
For the pain would torture me more than you know
And I cannot be more sorry for what I have done
But her love just dragged me out your door
She dazzled me at first sight and gave me a peek
At what life could be, away from you
I confess, I broke without even a purr
And for that I apologize, I most certainly do
But you must know we'd been ill for long
Every second seemed like a long year
You brought but the worst in me out
And made me almost forget what was dear
So, with a heavy heart I leave you now
With hope for a better tomorrow for you and me
Be it in another's arms, I shall still smile
And my first, you shall always be!

For the uninitiated, my new mistress resides at -
See you in my new life!


CRD said...

Life goes on..nice poem


CRD said...
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